Ballroom Dance Fitness, Inc.

Ballroom Dance Fitness is a public company, Symbol (BLDZ),. It is the intention of the company to raise funding through a private placement now available for investors.

Ballroom Dance Fitness Inc. vision is to create a product that motivates people to acquire our Ballroom Dance Fitness videos, enjoy “Fun Exercise’ while loosing weight, becoming fit and learning Ballroom steps. Doing cardio exercise is a great way to get your metabolism going so you can burn calories away. To get your body in shape even faster we added free weights to your cardio exercise. When you use free weights your metabolism increases even more as you’re adding more intensity to your workout.

Ballroom Dance Fitness Inc.

Was created to enter the Fitness marketplace and offer “Fun Exercise” to everyone that wants to exercise and learn ballroom dance steps at the same time. Normally Ballroom Dance instruction requires a lot of lessons to retain the material, plus private dance lessons are very expensive.

Ballroom Dance Fitness Inc. is the perfect solution. The DVD series teaches 6 ballroom dances and incorporates free weights into a workout routine. Our customers can begin to enjoy the benefits of dance and exercise affordably on their own schedule. The dances use repetition so is easily learned and enjoyed.

Why Join?

Ballroom Dance Fitness Inc. will negotiate Partnerships with diet suppliers, exercise equipment manufacturers, fitness clothing companies and shoe companies to add their products on our Site, our customers will be able to buy products online and Ballroom Dance Fitness will increase revenues without committing to buying inventories.

All purchased products will be dropped ship from supplier’s distribution centers. The company will negotiate with companies that offer products that Ballroom Dance Fitness Inc. feels our customers will be interested in buying.
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